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Been 8 years since I had a newgrounds account. Anyway I been lurking around hear from time to time but never really did any thing around the site . So now I'm gonna be post some my art here just for the hell of it. If ya like what i do then thanks :D. If you don't well thanks for looking at it at least. If possible a little feedback would be nice to.
Okay about what I draw is whatever i feel like at the moment. I could go from games to anime/manga to furry( pony's still count as furry to me but what eves) to something totally random. I don't always take request or commission but when I do I'll post something saying I am. I rarely do commission because my attention spam sucks ass. If its a simple commission I know I can do, no problem. If its to complicated for me or I have major trouble with it I tend to rage quit for a bit and do something else. A bad habit i need to get rid of -_-.
Well anyway that all I have to say for now so I'll be posting quit a bit because I have lots of art you may or may not like :3